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Wemmicks - Das Musical

Buch: DOMINIK GRITTNER, Musik und Songtexte: Ephraim Peise

Babelberger Filmhochschule


Character: Cesario

Director: Partick Mai
Musical Director: Ephraim Peise
Piano: Lidia Kalendareva


The story is about a tribe of wooden figures, the Wemmicks, hiding their bodies under pompous clothes. The hero of the story is the young Punchinello, who struggles with the challenges of life - urgency, pressure, exclusion and superficiality. Every day he tries to keep up with the other inhabitants and to conceal his handicap, a too bighand, as godd as he can. When Punchinello finds out that he is allergic to the clothes produced by Cesario, he realizes that he is the chosen one of an ancient prophecy. He must reveal a secret before Cesario enslaves the whole tripe and makes his way to the woodcutters Eli in search of answers with his friends.

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