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Josef Winkler - Der Kinoleinwandgeher

Michael Pfeifenberger

Character: 1st Suicide

Director: Michael Pfeifenberger
Book: Michael Pfeifenberger, Josef Winkler

Text: Josef Winkler
Production: Focusfilm
Music: Ulrich Drechsler, Martha Toledo, Tigres del Norte, Ritwik Sanyal, Bernd Bechtloff,
Tropimariacchi, Naked Lunch, The TallTones


The cameraeye conducts the author Josef Winkler on his literary journey through Austria and Mexico. The documentary roadmovie is told in episodes. Twelve steps lead us from the sacred barn of a small Carinthian farm to the dance on the volcano. Contradictorily and with a precise view on people's issues the film reveals a passionate, disputatious mind and tries to portray a great writer of our times. The style of the film varies between documentary realism and poetic fiction and offers a direct view on the things of every-day-life. Man himself and life, anima and death are sources of inexhaustible inspiration.

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He [Michael Pfeifenberger] regards the bestiality of the profane fabulous poetry