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Inferno. Message from hell.

Dante Alighieri, Bruno Max. Bunker Mödling

Charackter: Dante Alighieri and Jesus

Director: Bruno Max
Scenery: Marcus Ganser
Musical Director: Fritz Rainer
Costume: Alexandra Fitzinger
Mask: Margit Sanders

Due to the fantastic response and the high demand, we will resume our success in the summer of 2015. Is there a hell but the one we are preparing ourselves for? Follow Dante's advice, let all hope go, and descend under local guidance to the place that has inspired the imagination of many different peoples. Already for the seventeenth time the approximately one kilometer long tunnel of the former Luftschutzstollen is used as the most unusual and largest station theater in Austria. The audience goes through the twenty drama scenes in small groups, and theatrical maker Bruno Max with his more than fifty-headed ensemble brings the inferno to life in impressive pictures and quirky situations.

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