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The white horse inn

Ralph Benatzky



Character: Leopold


Director: Ronald Pries

Musical Director: Thomas Modrej

"What can the Sigismund do for it" or "It must be something wonderful": The Schlagers are bubbling out in the "the white horse inn". Now one can see the popular operetta by Ralph Benatzky as production of the drama studio of the "Konse". Although the newly adapted cellar theater is not an ideal place to play because of the low room acoustics and the poor visibility for the rear rows, the playfulness of the young ensemble did not detract from it: as a phenomenally gifted, with enormous stage presence proves the wonderfully stupid as well as powerful singing Sebastian Brummer as waiter Leopold. Eva Maria Frank as Rösslwirtin Josefa plays better than she sings, because her soprano is not very viable and she has intonation problems, which is synonymous for Stefan Altenhofer as Sigismund. Jan Alexander Zabbeé plays the "Piefke" Wilhelm Giesecke with delicious Berlin snout. Irina Lopinsky as his daughter, Andreas Ickelsheimer as Otto Siedler, as well as Manuel Dragan as a reluctant Piccolo, who have to replace the choir together with Brummer, do their thing quite well.

Thomas Modrej has thrown the whimsical music on ten instruments and leads the freshly playing salon orchestra. Ronald Pries has tweaked the operetta and changed it in text form. He is also responsible for the stage and staging: with rich situations comics and many gags, he leads the students skillfully through the pleasures of the crispy summer morale. Standing ovations!

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... Sebastian Brummer is a Leopold in the best Alexander style with a full-bodied, wonderfully strong voice.
Kronen Zeitung
... You will have to remember the next-generation-talent Sebastian Brummer.
Kärntner TagesZeitung
Sebastian Brummer in the footsteps of Peter Alexander
Die Woche
As a phenomenally gifted, with tremendous stage excitement proves the wonderfully silly as well as powerful singing Sebastian Brummer as waiter Leopold.
Kleine Zeitung