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Elternabend - the Musical

Music by Thomas Zaufke, Book by Peter Lund

Stadtheater Mödling und Scala Wien


Rolle: Dennis


Regie: Marcus Ganser

Musikalischeleitung: Jakob Vinje


Parent's evening in an alternative school. Do the small littly Kiddys really love each other , or is it, maybe a bit mean, how they treat little Mariechen, the outsider? Is the Master Teacher actually still master of the situation, since the cute Herzerln found out that one has to shout loudly "Kinderschänder" to make the pedagogue to the Pädderasten??
Where else is it so dramatic, peolpe struggle,love and suffer as much as on a parent's evening? And where else would it take 120 minutes for eleven red wine bottles to be emptied, a marriage broken, and six lifes lies?
The children 's roles and their respective children' s rights are blurred. There is a bit of a bitter song out of a cheerful song, as in the schoolyard, and soon the dear little ones, who speak of it, are like the Parents can not believe it.
ELTERNABEND - the musical is about the struggle for the best of all worlds and the compulsion to live with them, with songs from the smoking ban in student clubs to the dance presentation as an appetizer for the miracle Ritalin

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