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The doctor from Wörthersee - Recipe for love

Graf Film

Character: First Waiter

Director: Peter Weissflog
Script: Gabriele Diechler
Camera: Claus Peter Hildenbrand
Production: Graf Film

The two sympathetic doctors Max Benninger (Ulrich Reinthaller) and Susanne Scheuring (Lara Joy Körner) have just made up for the wedding, but a dangerous illness spurs their honeymoon: Thomas Gruber (Joachim Kretzer), Hanna's brother, has been infected with tuberculosis. When Birgit Steins (Jutta Fastian) falls ill with six-year-old niece Tina (Anna Yntema), Maria Wörth threatens a quarantine. Mayor Scheuring (Heinz Hoenig) is on the other hand a storm, because his plans with the American Sheldon hotel group would finally fail. But the little girl's illness is a good thing: the egocentric and grumpy priest-judge (Erwin Steinhauer), who hoped only for his transference, at last remembers his duties, and does everything to help the child.

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