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The drunken ship

Book: Sebastian A.M. Brummer
Cello: Cécile Grüebler
Piano: Oliva Geiser
Speaker: Sebastian A.M.Brummer


Once again, the cultural island, whose special occasions are supposed to be "a little bit oblique", boldly breaks new ground. Under the promising title "The Drunken Ship", a French evening full of impressionism and sensuality lures with music, a word in German and a delicious three-course menu. Three outstanding young artists - cellist Cécile Grüebler, pianist Olivia Geiser and acting actor, singer and director Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer - combine the profoundly enigmatic compositions of Gabriel Fauré (French organist and composer, (1845-1924) and Claude Debussy (composer of impressionism, (1862-1918) with the texts of the influential French poet Arthur Rimbaud (1854 to 1891) and Paul Verlaine (1844 to 1896), both in unsteady life concatenated poets and adventurers of their time. Due to his way of life, Gabriel Fauré belongs to the world of fin de siècle salons. This world man was to make a brilliant career in the service of the Church, which he himself did not particularly believe. The gifted church organist worked from 1896 in Paris as professor of composition in the succession of Jules Massenet (1842-1912). Claude Debussy's music is considered a link between romanticism and modernity. The "composer of impressionism" made his breakthrough with the "Prélude à l 'après-midi d'un faune", first performed in Paris in 1894. Debussy's independent musical language and skillful chamber music instrumentation as well as the bold harmony in his later works have led many composers of the 20th century to conceive of his music as an essential starting point for New Music.


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