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Brüder (AT)

ein Film über verdrängte Gewissheiten, Schuld und ewige Konkurrenz


Komödie / Drama / Fiktion

Laufzeit: 80 Min


As an assistant to a theater director in Munich, Richard actually lives a good, if simple, life. And it seems that love has finally sparkled again when he meets Julia - a planned but extremely personable young woman.

But this little idyll is soon to be broken. Because on the same day that Julia enters his life, his twin brother Toni suddenly appears with him. He, the opposite of Richard - eccentric, self-centered, unpredictable. The successful but lonely opera singer quickly begins to bring his brother's existence out of joint - and even worse - to get started with Richard's new love - knowing that he has already banished him from his life and no longer speaks and speaks about him would like to. Since only Toni knows about this love triangle, unpleasant events quickly occur, which should not dissolve in pleasure. But on the contrary.

Soon a much bigger problem will be revealed than that of an already complicated triangle constellation. It is not without reason that there is a deep rift between the two brothers. And with Julia in the middle of this burgeoning volcano, all of the repressed problems of two unequal people should break out with all their might.