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Dolce far Canto

The entrance of emotions in the music of the Renaissance

Vokalensemble DOLCE FAR CANTO
Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer, Narrator
Andreas Schlegel, Lute
Rolf Mäder, Director

In the period from about 1500 to 1600 a truly revolutionary change takes place in the music. The composers of this period gradually break away from forms that follow strict and rigid compositional doctrines. Polyphonic polyphonies (canzonets, villanelles ...) and artistically composed madrigals are gradually being combined to form an expressive and lively new style. This music is rhythmically and structurally very diverse and addresses all familiar human feelings with a direct musical language. For the audience and for the singers, this music has many surprises in store! The program includes Madrigali by Jacques Arcadelt, Luca Marenzio, Madalena Casulana and Lodovico Agostini, Canzoni Napoletane by Antonio Scandello, Villotte alla Padoana by Filippo Azzaiolo and Canzone Villanesche by Adrian Willaert.