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Quickchange Company Zug


Character: Joseph

Director: Björn Bugiel
Costume: Atelier-40


The life-long Viennese Gabriele was married to Balduin Count Zedlau, an ambassador of Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz. After a short time, Zedlau turns out to be very spit-torn, and since the Viennese blood is missing, Gabriele returns to her parents' palace. The lonely Zedlau begins an affair with the beautiful Franziska Cagliari. In addition Balduin raises an eye on the friend Pepi Pleiniger of his servant Josef, who works as a trial mummy.

Gabriele learns about her husband's life and returns to his villa. After turbulent confusion, all meet in Hietzing at a Heurigen. Gabriele is led by Prince Ypsheim-Gindelbach, Prime Minister of Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz, and Chief of Count Balduin. Balduin is delighted with the tasting memphis Pepi Pleiniger and Joseph comes with the beautiful Franziska Cagliari. Nevertheless, it comes to a happy end, the respective pairs find each other again and all realize that only the Viennese blood can be blamed, and sing a great Schlusschor.

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