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The Visit

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Scala Wien und Stadttheater Mödling


Charackter: Moby, Hoby, Zoby - the three Husbands

Staging: Marcus Ganser

Costumes: Alexandra Fitzinger
Stage: Eva Gumpenberger
Music: Fritz Rainer
Mask: Vera Priburk
Assistant director: Nina JF Gauss


The small provincial town of Güllen is delighted. Claire Zachanassian, the old-time multimillionaire, comes to visit her birthplace, which, as a poor young girl, she had had to leave after a miserable love, pregnant and desperate. But that is the past! What counts is that the once rich city has now come down, the factories are closed, the crisis is omnipresent, and the citizens are expecting a lot from the prominent guest.
But the old lady, with a lot of luggage and rather strange entourage, enters the city, the city is cold and warm: in fact, she presents an incredible gift: a billion for gullets! But the foundation is tied to a condition: for her money, Claire wants justice. She demands the death of Alfred Ill, the man who left her at that time pregnant.
Of course, this request is immediately rejected indignantly-but Claire Zachanassian can wait until the prospect of "prosperity for all" begins to soften the moral principles of the good citizens ...

"The visit of the old lady" is a story that occurs somewhere in Central Europe in a small town, written by one who is not distant from these people and who is not so sure if he would act differently ... " (Friedrich Dürrenmatt).

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