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Sigmunds Joy

Frederick S. Pearls


Charackter: The vulcano

Director: Klaus Fischer

At the Theater der Hansestadt Bremen, where George Tabori founded the theater laboratory in 1976, Tabori tested scenes by seminar protocols by the psychiatrist Frederick ("Fritz") Perls. Klaus Fischer, who at that time worked as an actor on this production, now presents a new montage of these seminar protocolls, which also includes a great comedy. In doing so, the different representations will be identical, but never the same. This means that the actors change their roles every other evening, so one is also invited to come twice to the new stage of Villach.

"The title of the play includes the soul and the joy.
It is an evening of happiness, not happiness, but the personal happiness of the individual. Happiness is known when the pain subsides. So not quite stop, but still bearable. A smile, an experience, a Satori. "
(Klaus Fischer, writing and directing)

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