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Oliver Twist

Advenrture by Charles Dickens, Theater Sellawie

adapted by Sebastian A.M. Brummer

Director: Sebastian A.M. Brummer

Assistenc:  Herbert Walzl
Costume: Aloisia Wurzer
Scenery Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer, Herbert Walzl
LightdesignSebastian Anton Maria Brummer, Thomas Zimmermann


Who does not know the story of Oliver Twist, the orphan with the golden heart, Bill Sikes, the dealer and thief, who wants to find his brother and save him, and Fagin, who is licking for money. A piece for the whole family, which is about the search for love and hope and how to hide from the bad and resist. Whoever dares to be lucky and wants to see something good, has to see this piece. Who bets that the sister gets saved, the brother found, and that love will be victorious? Fever with us!



Oliver Twist - Kim Pascal Alexander Ban
Nic, Noah, Charley Bates - Patrick Paukner
Fagin, Richter 1 - Mario Bramberger
Bill Sikes - Thomas Zimmermann
Nancy - Antonietta Hintringer
Mrs Cornay, Mrs. Sowerberry - Petra Kamptner
Miss Lovelife - Leopoldine Hainthaler
Mr. Sowerberry, Mr. Grimwig, Richter 3, - Daniel Reiter
Mr. Brownlow, Mr. Losborne, Richter 4 - Gerhard Becker
Miss Rose - Laura Enzenhofer
Mr. Giles, Buchhändler, Richter 2, Frank Bernstein - Franz Leithenmayr
Diener, Fischhändler, André Steinbeisser - Andreas Pils
Gemüsehändlerin, Dori die Säge - Doris Linninger


Regie, Stückfassung - Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer
Produktionsleitung, Regieassistenz, Abendspielleitung - Herbert Walzl
Werbung und Layout - Marcel-Philip Kraml
Kostüme - Aloisia Wurzer
Pressearbeit - Isabella Pernull
Bühnenbild - Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer, Herbert Walzl
Bühnenbau - Projekt Spectrum Steyr
Technische Leitung - Thomas Zimmermann
Lichtdesign - Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer, Thomas Zimmermann
Licht- und Tontechnik - Josef Berger, Dominik Hagmüller
Ausschank - Gudrun Pernull, Crew Theater Sellawie
Abendkasse, Kartenvorverkauf - Leopoldine Hainthaler

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