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Nibelung II. - Kriemhild´s Revange

Text and Lyrics by Herbert Walzl, Music by Wiff Enzenhofer

Charackter: Dankwart, Bänkelsänger

Director: Herbert Walzl
Scenery: Herbert Walzl
Musical Director: Wiff Enzenhofer

The second part of the Nibelungenage is a show-down until the bitter end.
For many years, Kriemhild mourns her beloved hero Siegfried. She lives alone in the monastery of Lorsch. With the Nibelungsschatz, Siegfried's morning, she secretly hires mercenaries and allies to strengthen her power. Hagen recognizes the intention, robbing her the treasure and sinking him in the Rhine.
At the court of the Burgundian margrave Rüdiger von Bechelaren appears as a bridegroom for the mighty Hunskönig Etzel. Kriemhild initially rejected indignantly, but recognized her future power as the queen of the Huns. With Rüdiger's oath to punish anyone who inflicts her suffering, she agrees to marry. In Enns, the burgundy brigade is given to the Hunskönig with a great feast.
Years later Kriemhild invited the Burgundians as guests to the Hunnenhof. The Burgundian kings are delighted and interpret the message that their sister longs for peace and reconciliation. Only Hagen distrustful of the invitation Kriemhild can never forgive and forget the murder of Siegfried. Spirits from the other world prophesy him, no Burgundian will ever return from the Hunsland.
With great followers the Burgundians reach the Hunsland, where Kriemhild shows their unchanged mourning. She orders the return of the Nibelung treasure. Hagen, the murderer, mocked her, and Kriemhild's hate increased thereby to merciless revenge. Now, she asks the fiduciary of Rüdiger and King Etzel. A bitter struggle for the Nibelungsreuerue forces the Burgundians to destroy friends as enemies. The fall of both peoples by the revenge of a woman seems sealed. In an immense final version, Herbert Walzl, as an author and director, after all atrocities, has the idea of ​​a peaceful future

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Sebastian Brummer with powerful singing voice
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