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Leonce and Lena

Comedy by Georg Büchner

Charackter: Valerio

Director: Mathias Schuh
Costume: Rafaela Wenzel


Leonce, the idle prince of Popo, was to marry Princess Lena of Pipi at his father's request. Independently of each other, both take up the flight just before the marriage. Leonce, accompanied by his friend Valerio, and Lena, who is on her way with her governess, meet each other as if by coincidence on their journey, falling in love without knowing who the other is. This seemingly simple story, narrated by Buechner's text of high poetical value, is not only a delicious comedy full of romance. It is also a state-of-the-art state theater and at the same time a game around the eternal cycle between young and old.

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Above all the brilliant Sebastian Brummer as temperament bolt Valerio is to be thanked
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