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by Andreas Henn

Character: Hans

Director: Andreas Henn
Camera: Alexander Wasielewski

Producer: ARTE, FFF - Bayern, Alexander Wasielewski, Andreas Henn

Serbia in the Second World War: The young partisan Nikola Radosevic resists his brother Rado and is slapped by Ivona, the wife of his brother, who is also a partisan. For he has once again brought films instead of weapons because he is convinced that war can be waged without weapons. As a film fanatic, he sets out on the way to the next German soldier's cinema to exchange the planned "Wunschkonzert" with a ruse and show the German military the great dictator of Charlie Chaplin. This has an unexpected effect on the occupiers, so that Radosevic escapes by the favor of a functionary of the intended shooting.

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