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Ferdinand. Like a crazy dog

Lyrics by Ferdinand Reimund, edited by Bruno Max

Theater Im Bunker

Charackter: Ferdinand

Director: Bruno Max

Music: Fritz Rainer


The short life of Ferdinand Raimund was characterized by fears. Fears, which filled themselves, and which also spread through all his pieces under the false Biedermeier idle. A hypochondrian poet shoots himself dead - and this still badly - through the hole in his skull, life flows out, and the spectator penetrates into the world of what is probably the most improperly disguised writer Austria. Magic fairytales and death vision coalesce into a labyrinthine encounter in which the visitors are routed in small groups through the worlds and works of Raimund, in a way that has never been seen before.

As in the last ten years, Bruno Max and the team from "Theater zum Furcht" have asked for a new, extravagant station theater of the special kind. Bilderwelten enchant Austria's probably most unusual room, the kilometer-long, branched air protection tunnel Mödling. Exceptional modes of observation, erratic images that permeate the audience, bumping into new actors from the nearly 50-strong ensemble behind every bend, in every new room.

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