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Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde, Norbert J. Skowronek
Theater Sellawie

Charackter: Dorian Gray

Director: Norbert J. Skowronek
Music: Jakob Vinje

Eternal youth, immortality and what remains? A musical tribute to Oscar Wilde's "The Portrait of Dorian Gray". Dorian Gray is loved, Dorian Gray is idolized. Dorian Gray is envied, hated and persecuted. In contrast to his alter ego, Oscar Wilde had no life on his conscience, but was disapproved for his love for his fellow men and wandered into the dungeon. Dorian Gray is more selfish than Oscar Wilde, but "more beautiful". Does he therefore deserve a negotiation? Will he remain happy, unlike his creator Oscar Wilde, or will Dorian Gray realize that he leaves nothing but a picture, a glimmer, that touch of nothing? And still beautiful? The author (Norbert J. Skowronek) reworks the masterpiece and lets the singer and actor Sebastian Brummer jump over the cliff alone in the role of Dorian in the battle for eternal youth, love and revenge. Jakob Vinje, composer and pianist of the evening, is Brummers' only ally, and hands him his helping hands in this musical thriller as a friend and butler.

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Sebastian Brummer's linguistic and musical abilities are hardly to be surpassed in the portrayal of Dorian Gray.
... Brummer reveals the abysmal soul of Dorian Gray in a tension-loaded solo.