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Long night of short music

Stadttheater Klagenfurt

Text and translation by Sebastian A.M. Brummer

Interpret: Bettina Schurek und Band

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There I am, again. Another city. Other people. Other theater, What should I do.
Do something? What for I have facebook.
Dear facebook, I am just here. In new York. Who else? Do I know Somebody.
Would like to have fun and friends around me. Just saying that I am here.
Good to have facebook. But what to do if there isn´t anyone else
Is anyone?

Massage in your account? One PN. For me in New York.

"Dear Betty. Come over. I'm Martin. Please come to the casting,
today. For Les Misserable."

Ooh F ... not again Les Miss.
And singing.NOW? No relaxation after the last storm.
Okay, Relax Bett, You will sing. But what? Today ?! Not prepared.
I sing. For me.
(I will sing, doesn´t matter how I feel, because I am finally the person we are talking about.
So i can feel how ever i want to feel. Right?
I am the heroin. A. Ouuuu. Overstretched. And yet that is my Story of my life,
my world. My decisions.) ??????????????????
Sebastian A.M. Brummer