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The bat

 Johann Strauss (son)

Freilichtbuehne Hohennagold (castle ruin Hohennagold)

Charackter: Alfred

Director: Björn Bugiel
Musical director: Stefan R. Halder


There is music that conquers us the moment we hear it. The Fledermaus by Johann Strauss certainly belongs to it. Morally, this story leads us to the marshy region of Viennese carnival, but musically, on the other hand, into the land of the happiest melodic ideas and inventions. Never have adulterated sprouts and Russian champagne organs had happier consequences for art than here. The Vaudeville story is exhilarating, the music delights and makes a real bliss. Gentlemen, who want to enjoy their punishment in frack in prison, you shouldn´t ever underestimate! Women, who spend their time as Hungarian countesses, also do not. And in the palace of Prince Orlofsky, the ground soon disappears. Even in jail, they could be voluntarily barred, if one were to hear Alfred, the tenor, and Adele as a refined "innocence from the land."


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