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Ein Abenteuer nach den Roman von Alexandre Dumas
Regie, Bühne, Licht: Sebastian A.M. Brummer



One for all, all for one!

Three musketeers who bravely and faithfully stand by each other in cloaks and swords and fight in the service of France for the safety of his monarch, King Louis XIII and his wife Anna of Austria.

In the 19th century, Alexandre Dumas summarized the stories about the musketeers in a trilogy.

It is about how the young Gascogner d'Artagnan makes his way to Paris, competing in duels with the musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis and encountering intrigues at the French court, the power-conscious Cardinal Richelieu and his spy Lady de Winter .

Let yourself be carried away into the 17th century in the Sellawie Theater and experience the well-known French heroic adventure of power, intrigue, loyalty and love from October 24th.

d'Artagnan, Musketeer Candidate - Barbara Wimmer
Aramis, Musketeer, later Generaloberer - Mario Bramberger
Athos, Musketeer - Harald Schön
Porthos, Musketeer - Thomas Zimmermann
Rochefort, Man from Meung - Thomas Wimmer
Planchet, servant of d'Artagnan - Doris Linninger
Tréville, Officier of the Musketeers - Gerhard Schürausz
Richelieu, Cardinal - Frans Rosenthaler
Mylady de Winter - Viktoria Rauchenberger
Constance, Servat of Anna from Österreich - Sara Rittberger
Anna von Österreich, Queen of France - Petra Kamptner
Duncan of Buckingham - Hans Peter Baumfried
Louis XIII, King fo France - Gerhard Schürausz
Louis XIV (child), Future King - Miriam Lintner
Louis XIV , Sun King - Sabine Wimmer
Phillipe (younger), Brother of Louis XIV - Magdalena Lintner
Phillipe (older), Brother of Louis XIV - Katharina Lintner
Garde Offizier - Antonietta Hintringer
Mordaunt, Son of Mylady de Winter - Kim Pascal Ban
Wirtin in Meung - Erika Tischberger
Farmer - Hans Peter Baumfried
Female Farmer - Michaela Mekina
Guard - Michaela Mekina, Sara Rittberger, Gerhard Schürausz, Erika Tischberger, Sabine Wimmer
Dancers - Verena Arbeithuber, Denise Ebner, Lena Hahn, Steinmayr Lena



Regie, Stückfassung, Lichtdesign, Bühnenkonzept - Sebastian Anton Maria Brummer
Produktionsleitung, techn. Leitung - Thomas Zimmermann
Kampfchoreographie - Martin Brunnemann
Tanzchoreographie - Martina Holzweber-van Tjin
Leitende Kostümbildnerin - Isabella Reder
Ausstattung - Doris Linninger, Thomas Zimmermann
Maske und Frisuren - Erika Tischberger
Bühnenbau - Herbert Walzl und VABB Steyr
Grafik, Werbung und Fotos - Sabine Wimmer, Elisabeth Lintner
Bühnenmalerei - Sabine Wimmer
Kulinarik - Gudrun Pernull, Crew Theater Sellawie
Pressearbeit - Laura Enzenhofer
Covid19 Beauftragte - Antonietta Hintringer
Covid19 Konzept - Isabella Pernull, Thomas Zimmermann
Technik - Max Hauser, Julian Moser
Kartenvorverkauf - Elisabeth Lintner

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