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The crazy mobileshop

Stage Director: Christiane Brammer

Book and Music: Thomas Erich Killinger

Charackter: Herr Trumph, Dr. Herbert van Haylen, Tim Tillmann

Ensemble: Marina Granchette, Sebastian Killinger, Ben Schobel, Magda Stief, Sampaguita Mönck, Julia Haug, Dalma Viczina

Mr. Trumpf has the lousiest mobile phone shop in the whole city. The two employees Alice and Mugdan Koschnitzki are trying everything to keep the shop afloat. The fact that Mugdan fell in love with Alice does not make things any easier, especially since Alice lives in a bizarre relationship with the egocentric lawyer Herbert van Haylen. He keeps his temper with an occasional bag. Everything goes bankrupt until Mrs. Alice awakens the shop-to-shop in the store to an unexpected life. Suddenly, the sales flourish, online orders without end. Mrs. Alice does not charge much, except for all the personal information available, and every night a different, true story. No blood flows, no, only native information, personal information, soul information is swallowed greedily. The supposedly soulless gets soul. How fortunate that the menacing fate of all humankind will eventually turn to goodness through the courage, curiosity, and love of two people. The impossible hangs up when the possible calls. (The author)


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