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Music by Debussy, Rutter etc. ...

Musical direction: Martina Vierbauch
Texts: Sebastian A.M. Brummer

The Carinthian Flutes take you into an imaginative world full of flute, harp and cello sounds, sweetened with funny anecdotes from the world of music.

The flute teachers of the Music Schools of the Province of Carinthia joined forces with advanced students and students of the Carinthian State Conservatory to come together to create this extraordinary ensemble.

"It is important to me to support young flutists from Carinthia and to give them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills not only in the orchestra but also as a soloist," said Caterina, the initiator and section leader for woodwind instruments at the Music Schools of Carinthia Unterberger. "Young musicians can mature musically in this way and thus grow gently into the world of professional musicians."

The orchestra can already count on several successful projects, i.a. to look back with soloists like Walter Auer (Vienna Philharmonic), Wil Offermans and Tilmann Dehnhard and this time will be led by Michaela Vierbauch.

Carinthian actor and singer Sebastian Brummer, who is known far beyond the borders, leads the program through the program.