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Danger. Rare. The Comedian Harmonists

A play with music by Alexander Kuchinka andHeiko Wohlgemuth

Charackter: Harry Frommermann

Director & Director: Matthias S. Raupach
Musical direction: Andreas Brencic

Danger. Rare. These unspectacular and yet auspicious words are at the beginning of a small newspaper adage and thus at the beginning of a great career of six young men. The atmosphere of the "Golden Twenties" in Berlin allows for the steep rise of an ensemble whose singing style inspires numerous followers of all musical movements to the present day, and that the Nazidictatura has an abrupt end: three of the six are Jews.
You will experience a piece that satisfies the demands of authenticity as well as the ease of light-hearted entertainment. "Beautiful Isabella of Castile", "Uncle Bumba of Kalumba", "A Friend, a Good Friend" & "My Little Green Cactus", are just some of the unforgettable melodies that accompany this summer theater evening

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In addition to his talent for the comic, he manages to create the space also for quiet moments
Märkische Oderzeitung
... while in an actorial area especially S.B. In the role of Harry Frommermann.
Märkische Oderzeitung